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Fall 1984, Volume II, No. 2 [$10] - Order Form - Return to top of page

  • "Group Processing: Planning and Management Strategies" by William E. Brown, Jr.
  • "Tablets and Temples: Documents in Republican Rome" by Phyllis Culham
  • "The Presidential Libraries System Study: The Carter Project's Experience" by Robert D. Bohanan
  • "Archives by Degree: Personal Perspectives on Academic Preparation for the Archival Profession" by Virginia J.H. Cain, Anita K. Delaries, David E. Alsobrook, Christopher Ann Paton
  • "Waste Not, Want Not: The Dyer Marion "Ichabod" Reynolds Circus Collection" by John Terreo

Fall 1985, Volume III, No. 2 [$10] Order Form - Return to top of page

  • "An Administrative History of the Disposal of Federal Records, 1789-1949" by James Gregory Bradsher
  • "Strategies for Archival Action in the 1980s and Beyond:  Implementing the SAA Goals and Priorities Task Force Report" by Richard J. Cox
  • "Folklore and Oral History: Exploring Subject Indexing" by Pamela Dean
  • "Documentation Strategies for the National Legislature" by William W. Moss

Fall 1987, Volume V, No. 2 [$10] - Order Form - Return to top of page

  • "Lessons Learned and to be Learned in Intergovernmental Appraisal" by Kathy Roe Coker
  • "Fitting In: The Automation of the Archives at Northwestern University" by Patricia Cloud
  • "The AMC Format: A Guide to the Implementation Process" by William E. Brown, Jr. and Lofton Wilson
  • "Athens and Sparta: The Archivist and the Resource Allocators" by Harley P. Holden

Spring 1988, Volume VI, No. 1 [SOLD OUT] - Order Form - Return to top of page

  • "Privacy Act Expungements: A Reconsideration" by James Gregory Bradsher
  • "Harper’s Ferry Revisited: The Role of Congressional Staff Archivists in Implementing the Congressional Papers Project Report" by Faye Phillips
  • "The Science of Deduction: Dating and Identifying Photographs in Twentieth Century Political Collections" by James Edward Cross
  • "Administration of Photographic Collections: A Bibliographic Essay" by Janene Leonhirth

Fall 1988, Volume VI, No. 2 [$10] - Order Form - Return to top of page

  • "Fund Raising for Historical Records Programs: An Underdeveloped Archival Function" by Richard J. Cox
  • "The Lane Brothers Photographic Archive: Its Provenance, Scope, and Arrangement" by Robert C. Dinwiddie
  • "The Paperless Office: Hope for the Future or a Grand Illusion?" by Susan A. Chapdelaine
  • "Sunshine State Showpieces: Alligator-Skin Bindings in the Florida Archives" by Hal Hubener

Spring 1989, Volume VII, No. 1 [$10] - Order Form - Return to top of page

  • "Current Copyright Law and the Archivist" by Suzanne Flandreau Steel
  • "Jimmy Carter and the Presidential Library System" by Richard Dees Funderburke
  • "Leading Off: The First Years of The Sporting News Archives" by Steven P. Gietschier
  • "Foxes Guarding the Hen House:  Archivists in Special Collections" by William L. Joyce
  • "Evangelical Religious Institutions Consider Their Archival Needs: A Review of the 1988 Evangelical Archives Conference Proceedings" by Richard J. Cox

Fall 1989, Volume VII, No. 2 [$10] - Order Form - Return to top of page

  • "New Appraisal Techniques: The Effect of Theory on Practice" by Margaret Hedstrom
  • "The Very Model of a Modern Major General: Documentation Strategy and the Center for Popular Music" by Ellen Garrison
  • "Declassification of Presidential Papers: The Eisenhower Library's Experience" by David Haight
  • "The Provenance of Provenance in Germanic Areas" by Maynard Brichford
  • "When Archivist Meets Architect" by Donald B. Schewe
  • "Team Collaboration through the Design Process, or What an Architect Says to a Friendly Archivist" by Larry C. Sweat

1989 Special Issue - The Society of Georgia Archivists: 20 Years in Celebration, 1969-1989 [$5] - Order Form - Return to top of page

  • "Present at Creation: The Founding of the Society of Georgia Archivists" by Lee Alexander, James Morton, Edward Weldon, Carroll Hart, and Sheryl B. Vogt
  • "Known Charter and Pioneer Members, 1969; Where Are They Now?" by Jane Powers Weldon
  • "Officers, 1969-1989"
  • "Journal Editors, 1972-1989"
  • "Twenty Years of SGA Meetings"
  • "Constitution and Bylaws"
  • "An SGA Timeline, 1969-1989"
  • "The Georgia Archives Institute and the Training of Archivists, 1967-1989" by Linda Matthews
  • "The ABCs of SGA Or 'Committee Work at its Best'" by Virginia J. H. Cain
  • "The Society of Georgia Archivists: Twenty Years of Meeting Archival Needs in Georgia" by Sheryl B. Vogt

Spring 1990, Volume VIII, No. 1 [$10] - Order Form - Return to top of page

  • "The Practicum and the Changing Face of Archival Education: Observations and Recommendations" by Frederick J. Stielow
  • "Evolution of the Thesaurus of University Terms" by Jill M. Tatem
  • "Adding Electronic Records to the Archival Menagerie: Appraisal Concerns and Cautions" by Michael E. Holland
  • "Archives at the University of Oxford" by Ned L. Irwin

Fall 1990, Volume VIII, No. 2 [$10] - Order Form - Return to top of page

  • "History, Historiography, and the Appraisal of University Records" by Carl Van Ness
  • "Exploring the New South Agenda in the Records of Southern Colleges and Universities" by Sara J. Harwell
  • "Georgia Ghosts, or Where Are They Now?: One Researcher's Catalog of Georgia's Missing Historical Records" by Robert S. Davis, Jr.
  • "Map Management for Small Collections" by Pam Hackbart-Dean
  • "Moving" by Todd Ellison
  • "Suggestions for Moving University Archives" by Dennis S. Taylor

1991, Volume IX, No. 1 and 2 [$15] - Order Form - Return to top of page

  • "The Status of Users in Archival Enterprise" by Michael Widener
  • "Project Jukebox: An Innovative Way to Access and Preserve Oral History Records" by Gretchen L. Lake
  • "The Development of the Jimmy Carter Library's Audiovisual Collection" by David J. Stanhope
  • "The United States Army Signal Center and Fort Gordon, a Military Archives in Georgia" by Kathryn R. Coker
  • "How to Catalog Negatives Without Money" by Ted Ryan
  • "Archival Automation: A Brief Look at Two Systems" by Frank T. Wheeler
  • "Archivists and the Use of Archival Records; Or a View from the World of Documentary Editing" by Richard J. Cox

1992, Volume X, No. 1 and 2 [$15] - Order Form - Return to top of page

  • "The Acquisition of Visual Records Relating to Native Life in North America" by Jim Burant
    • "Appraising a Retiring Senator's Papers: A View from the Staff of Senator Alan Cranston" by Susan Goldstein
    • "'Neither Fish Nor Fowl': The Thurmond Collection as Both Repository and Records Center and Its Effect on the Appraisal Process" by James Cross
    • "Appraisal of Senator John Williams’s Papers" by L. Rebecca Johnson Melvin
    • "Processing and Maintaining a Congressional Collection" by Mary Boccaccio
    • "Buffalo on the Beaches: Electronic Imaging of Historical Sources" by Richard Condrey, Faye Phillips, and Tony Presti

1993, Volume XI, No. 1 and 2 (Archival Ethics in Practice) [SOLD OUT] - Return to top of page

  • "From the Editor" by Sheryl B. Vogt
  • "Code of Ethics for Archivists and Commentary by The Society of American Archivists; Introduction" by Maynard Brichford
  • "Observations on the Ethics of Collecting Archives and Manuscripts" by Thomas Wilsted
  • "The Ethics of Processing" by Virginia J. H. Cain
  • "The Ethics of Providing Access" by Ronald L. Becker

1996, Volume XIV [$15] - Order Form - Return to top of page

  • "Archives at the Millennium, Diversity, Community and the World of Learning" by Linda M. Matthews
  • "Personality Types of Archivists" by Charles R. Schultz
  • "Diversity and Traditional Collections at Rutgers University" by Ronald L. Becker
  • "Building User-Oriented Web Sites for Archives" by R. Philip Reynolds
  • "Distance Researching via the Internet: A Researcher's Perspective" by Gillian North

1997, Volume XV [$15] - Order Form - Return to top of page

  • "Cultural Evidence:  On the Common Ground Between Archivists and Museologists" by Gloria Meraz
  • "The Ethics of Disclosure: The Case of the Brown Williamson Cigarette Papers" by Kurt X. Metzmeier
  • "Taking a Byte Out of the Senate: Reconsidering the Research Use of Correspondence and Casework Files" by Naomi Nelson
  •  "The GAMMA Project: A Cooperative Cataloging Venture" by Beth Bensman and Susan Potts McDonald
  •  "Turning Pro: Reflections on the Career of J. Franklin Jameson" by Peter J. Wosh
  • "Carter G. Woodson and the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History" by Eric N. Johnson

1998, Volume XVI [SOLD OUT] - Return to top of page

  •  "Cruising Contractual Waters: Searching for Laffite in the Records of the New Orleans Notarial Archives" by Sally K. Reeves
  •  "The Journal of Jean Laffite: Its History and Controversy" by Robert L. Schaadt
  • "Documenting Industry and Labor in Alabama: Can a Documentation Strategy Model Work?" by Martin T. Olliff
  • "Look Before You Leap: Weaving Preservation into Appraisal, Acquisition, Accessioning, and Processing Practices" by Pam Hackbart-Dean and Theresa J. Montgomery
  • "Before Archives: Margaret Cross Norton's Childhood, Education, and Early Career" by Donnelly Lancaster

1999, Volume XVII [$15]- Order Form - Return to top of page

  • "Extending Archives:  Folklife, Social History, and the Work of R. Henderson Shuffler" by Matthew S. Darby
  • "Preserving the History of Boston's Diversity" by Nancy Richard and Joan D. Krizack
  • "Expanding the Community Connection in Minnesota" by Mark A. Greene
  • "The Evolution of the Cooperative Historically Black and University Archival Survey Project (CHASP)" by Taronda Spencer
  • "Documenting Cuban Exiles and the Cuban American Experience in South Florida" by Esperanza B. de Varona and Diana Gonzalez Kirby
  • "Mississippi's "Spy Files": The State Sovereignty Commission Records Controversy, 1977-1999" by Lisa K. Speer

2000/2001, Volume XVIII/Volume XVIX: At the Millennium: Archives in the Global Context [$30] - Order Form - Return to top of page

  • "The Romanian Archives and Their Documentary Libraries" by Ioan Dragan 
  • "Regional Archives in the People's Republic of China:  A Case Study of the Chongqing Municipal Archives and the Yunnan Provincial Archives" by Morris L. Bian and Robert J. Jakeman 
  • "Regional Archives in France and the Challenges for the American Researcher" by Kristine M. Wirts 
  • "Archives in the New Germany: Research Reflections on a System in Transition" by Russel Lemmons 
  •  "Finding Common Ground:  Working with the Georgian National Archives to Create a Trilingual Database" by Peter Carini and Kara Drake 
  •  "Promoting a Regional Foreign Copying Program:  The Historic New Orleans Collection Experience" by Alfred E. Lemmon
  •  "Where Function Meets Form:  Observations and Thoughts on Housing for the Archival Enterprise" by David B. Gracy II, Rebecca E. Kyle, Erin R. Lawrimore, Rebecca E. Romanchuk, and Stephen A. Naron

2002, Volume XX [$15] - Order Form - Return to top of page

  •  "Thirty and Counting:  A Personal Perspective on the Journal of the Society of Georgia Archivists" by Ellen Garrison
  • "Satisfaction and Skills We Gain as Archivists Are Not Ours to Keep" by Susan G. Broome
  • "Bringing Provenance to a Wider Audience" by Linda Matthews
  • "'If at First You Don't Succeed':  Blacksheer, Menefee & Stain, A Second Appraisal" by Carol Ellis and Russell James
  • "What Were We Thinking?:  A Call to Embrace Reappraisal and Deaccessioning" by Mark A. Greene
  • "Sharing Resources in the World of Downsizing:  A Dialog" by Susan Kienzler and Gerald F. Patout Jr.
  •   "What a Woven Web:  Archives, Websites, and the Coming Legacy of 'Light Gray Literature'" by Earle E. Spamer
  • "Archival Donor Relations and Development: Keeping a Balance" by Carla Summers

2003, Volume XXI: Southern Archival Pioneers: Robert L. Meriwether, Thomas Owen, Marie Bankhead Owen, and Lynn E. May, Jr. [$15] - Order Form - Return to top of page

  • "Robert L. Meriwether and South Caroliniana Library" by Nicholas Meriwether
  • "Thomas Owen and the Founding of the Alabama Department of Archives and History" by Alden Monroe
  •  "Marie Bankhead Owen and the Alabama Department of Archives and History" by Robert J. Jakeman
  • "The Lord's Remembrancer: Lynn E. May, Jr." by Bill Sumners

2004, Volume XXII [$15] - Order Form - Return to top of page

  •  "Emeritus Faculty and Alumni as Volunteers in A University Archives: Planning for Success" by Tamar Chute
  •  "William Stanley Hoole: Scholar-Librarian" by John Jackson
  • "The Sudden Impact of a Senator's Death: managing the Unexpected" by Valerie Nye
  • "The Mississippi Plan": Dunbar Rowland and the Creation of the Mississippi Department of Archives and History" by Lisa Speer and Heather Mitchell

2005, Volume XXIII [$15] - Order Form - Return to top of page

  • "Building on the Past: Construction of the New Georgia Archives" by David W. Carmichael
  • "What Archives Reveal: The Hidden Poems of Amelia Earhart" by Sammie L. Morris
  •  "Battlefields, Tools, and Targets: Archives and Armed Conflict" by Patricia A. Nugent
  • "Archival Priorities: Ten Critical Issues for the Profession" by Randall C. Jimerson

2006, Volume XXIV [$15] - Order Form - Return to top of page

  •  "Are the Digital Natives Restless? Reaching Out to the Ne(x)t Generation" by Laura Botts and Lauren Kata
  •  "When Not All Papers are Paper: A Case Study in Digital Archivy" by Catherine Stollar Peters
  •  "Archivists and the USA PATRIOT Act: Are We Prepared?" by Michele Christian

2007, Volume XXV [$15] - Order Form
- Return to top of page

  • "If One Wants a Good Result, One Needs a Good Consult" by Pam Hackbart-Dean
  • "Designing a Preservation Survey: The Digital Library of Georgia" by Sheila McAlister
  • "Georgia's Circuit Rider Archivist Program: A Trip through Learning and Service" by Randall S. Gooden

2008, Volume XXVI [$15] - Order Form - Return to top of page

  • "The Coca-Cola Company Archives: Thriving Where Dilbert, not Schellenberg, Matters" by Gregory Markley
  • "Archival Allegory? Cultural Studies and T. R. Schellenberg's Modern Archives: Principals and Techniques" by Cheryl Beredo
  • "The Elusive Simplicity of Container-Level Encoded Archival Description: Some Considerations" by Leah Broaddus
  • "Where's the Context? Enhancing Access to Digital Archives" by Abigail R. Griner
  • "Archival Work in the Surreal World: The Imagination of George Saunders" by Erica Olsen

2009, Volume XXVII [$15] - Order Form
- Return to top of page

  • "History Making History," David B. Gracy II (SGA 40th Anniversary Keynote Address)
  • Society of Georgia Archivists Timeline, 1969 to the present
  • "Statement by the Archivist of the United States" by David S. Ferriero
  • "Company History: Corporate Archives' Public Outreach on Fortune 100 Company Websites" by Marie Force
  • "Functional Analysis and the Reappraisal of Faculty Papers" by Gregory Schmidt and Michael Law
2010, Volume XXVIII [$15] - Order Form - Return to top of page
  • "Let's Give Them Something to Talk About: Advocating for the Archives," Kathleen D. Roe
  • "Through to Cyberspace: And What Janus Found There" by Richard Pearce-Moses
  • "History on the Move: Relocating Special Collections and Archives" by Pamela Hackbart-Dean, Leah Agne, and Julie Mosbo
  • "Easing the Learning Curve: The Creation of Digital Learning Objects for Use in Special Collections Student Training" by Judith A. Wiener
  • "Postmodernism, Processing, and the Profession: Towards a Theoretical Reading of Minimal Standards" by Melanie Griffin

2011, Volume XXIX [$15] - Order Form - Return to top of page

  • "Making Digital Preservation Practical: A Personal Odyssey" by Christopher J. Prom
  • "Functional Analysis and Reappraisal of Faculty Papers: A Practical Application" by Gregory Schmidt and Michael Law
  • "Preservation of the Video Game" by Allison M. Hudgins
  • "Reappraising Leonard Rapport's 'No Grandfather Clause' at Thirty" by Ashby Crowder
2012, Volume XXX [$15] - Order Form - Return to top of page
  • "Digital Forensics Meets the Archivist (And They Seem to Like Each Other)" by Christopher A. Lee
  • "Faster Digital Output: Using Student Workers to Create Metadata for a Grant Funded Project" by Emily Gainer and Michelle Mascaro
  • "Managing Processing Staff: Hiring, Training and Retaining" by Pam Hackbart-Dean
  • "Case Files: A Congressional Archivist's Dilemma" by Cary G. Osborne

2013, Volume XXXI [$15] - Order Form - Return to top of page

  • Special Issue on Advocacy (issue 1)
    • "Introduction: Finding Our Voice: Pleading the Value of Archives" by Richard Pearce-Moses
    • "The Georgia Archives Budget: An Unfolding Crisis" by David W. Carmicheal
    • "Georgia Archives Saga" by Dianne Cannestr
    • "Lessons Learned While Saving the Georgia Archives" by Kay Lanning Minchew
    • "Photographs: Rally to Save the Georgia Archives" by Lanora Yates
    • "Georgia Archives Advocacy: Organization, Communication, Education" by Vivian Price Saffold and Elizabeth S. Olson
    • Joint Letter
    • "Evolving Advocacy: The Society of Georgia Archivists and the Georgia Archives Budget Crisis" by Courtney Chartier and Sarah Quigley
    • "Persuasion, Promotion, Perception: Untangling Archivists' Understanding of Advocacy and Outreach" by Jeremy Brett and Jasmine Jones
  • Contents (issue 2)
    • "Let's Go Digital! Possibilities and Problems of Oral History in the Digital Age" by Clifford Kuhn
    • " 'No Competing Claims' : The Seizure, Abandonment, and Acquisition of PATCO Records" by Traci JoLeigh Drummond
    • "Ambiguity and the Digital Archivist" by Caryn Radick
    • "Metadata and LAMs: Lasting Collaborative Success" by Felicia J. Williamson
    • "Attitudes About and the Efects of the Use of Student Assistants in Special Collections and Archives" by Carol Waggoner-Angleton


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