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The SGA Newsletter was redesigned starting with the Winter 2016 (Volume 48 Number 1) issue. We welcome your feedback!

See the latest issues of the SGA Newsletter:

Spring 2016, Volume 48, No. 2 (PDF)

About Us


  • Editor: Blynne Olivieri
  • Associate Editor: Ryan Rutkowski
  • Internet Corner: Pamela Nye
  • Membership Spotlight: Mary Katherine Barnes
  • Preservation News: Annie Peterson
  • Washington Beat: James Edward Cross


The deadlines to submit content for volume 48 (2016) are:

  • Winter Issue (No. 1) - September 2015
  • Spring Issue (No. 2) - March 4, 2016
  • Summer Issue (No. 3) - May 20, 2016
  • Fall Issue (No. 4) - September 2, 2016

The SGA Newsletter invites advertisements for archival products and services at the discretion of the SGA Board and Newsletter Editor.

To submit content or to request additional information, please contact Blynne Olivieri at bolivier [at] westga [dot] edu

Advertisers for 2016

The SGA Newsletter is appreciative of our advertisers. We invite readers to click on the advertisements and to visit their websites.


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Crawford Media Services, Inc.

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