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Administrative Handbook

The Administrative Handbook describes the various leadership roles and committees within SGA. Each section of the handbook is available as a PDF file. (Handbook last revised April 2012.)

  • President (PDF)
  • President Timetable (PDF)
  • President's Award (PDF)
  • Vice President/President-Elect (PDF)
  • Secretary (PDF)
  • Treasurer (PDF)
  • Directors (PDF)
  • Archivist (PDF)
  • Past President (PDF)
  • Administrative Assistant (PDF)
  • Newsletter Editor (PDF)
  • Assistant Newsletter Editor (PDF)
  • Provenance Editorships (PDF)
  • Provenance Editorial Board (PDF)
  • Provenance Editorial Policy (PDF)
  • Provenance - Gracy Award (PDF)
  • Subscriptions Manager (PDF)
  • Website Manager (PDF)
  • Assistant Website Manager (PDF)
  • Listserv Manager (PDF)
  • Outreach Manager (PDF)
  • Committee Chairs Responsibilities (PDF)
  • Georgia Archives Month Liaison(s) (PDF)
  • Georgia Archives Month Timetable (PDF)
  • Annual Meeting Program Committee (PDF)
  • Annual Meeting Local Arrangements Committee (PDF)
  • Annual Meeting Checklist (PDF)
  • Education Committee (PDF)
  • Education Workshop Checklist (PDF)
  • Membership Committee (PDF)
  • Membership Committee Timetable (PDF)
  • Mentoring Program (PDF)
  • Nominating Committee (PDF)
  • Nominating Committee Timetable (PDF)
  • Scholarship Committee (PDF)
  • Scholarship Committee Timetable (PDF)
  • SGA Scholarships (PDF)
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